A lost generation

Juman Shah

We are living in an information era which demands we stay in touch and go hand in hand with what is now a global village. That is possible only when education is widespread among the citizens. If anyone lags behind in education, they would hardly survive in the future as new inventions and technologies are emerging, making competition more cut-throat.

Article 25-A of the Constitution holds the state responsible for providing free and compulsory quality education to every child between the ages of 5 and 16. Then obviously, the question arises why there are 22.8 million children still out school in our country?  Who is responsible for this dismal state of affairs? Is there any game plan to find a way out of this education emergency?

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The situation is even more pathetic when the data are analysed from top to bottom at district level. As per a report released in 2016-17 by Alif Ailaan, Badin District ranks 124 out of 141 of all districts in the country. Having only 44.99 education score with 30.61 learning, 34.43 retention and 69.93 gender parity scores of the district, the state of education in here is crying out for intervention and solutions on a war-footing by all stakeholders.

This scourge exists because many of us did not think hard enough when casting our votes in the past elections and are ourselves responsible for it. Now, the time has come to hold the parliamentarian accountable and demand quality education in exchange of our votes. We must do this if we want a promising future of our new generations and to connect them to the global village and save them from being a lost generation with no future at all.

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