School building imperils bright student’s lives

Amir Imam

The decaying state of affairs at the Government Girls’ High School in Pushkan needs the urgent attention of the authorities. This is a school where girls have achieved top positions in matriculation exams but has been neglected by those responsible of maintaining it.

Recently, the ceiling plaster in a few classrooms fell off, putting the lives of the students at risk and so they refused to sit inside those. Many other rooms in the school are in the same awful state but the education department in Gawadar and the Municipal Corporation in Pushkan are completely indifferent to their predicament.

While the students are used for sloganeering and given banners in their hands which boast “Educate Balochistan, Progress Balochistan”, nobody is willing to fix the basic issues faced by the school building such as structural integrity and safety of students.

Ayub Baloch from Pushkan says that the girls’ school was built back in 1997 and has earned a reputation as one of the finest school in the district. With 600 girls enrolled at the moment, four of its students have achieved first position in the matriculation examinations.

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Another local, Mallah Ali Dad says that students at the school are unable to study inside the building because the five-room building is crumbling and so they are forced to sit outside under the harsh sun. He says that local MPA, Mir Hamal Kalmati, who has been the provincial legislator in the area for the last twenty years, has visited the school only twice in two decades. “If our MPAs and education department officials don’t care about their responsibilities, who do we complain to?”

An elder of the area, Hussain explained that there are rumours that the education department is planning to construct a ‘Shelter School’ in Gawadar and other areas, while they clearly don’t care for the schools in Pushkan and Gawadar which are already  falling apart.

Hussain urged the government to pay heed to this matter urgently and to repair the falling plaster of the school soon.

The condition of schools in Pushkan and other areas of the Gawadar District pose a continued risk to the students and if they are not fixed at the earliest, it may lead to a tragedy.

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