Elections should be about ‘Taleem Do!’

Muhammad Abbas Khaskheli

Since a long time we have been struggling in the field of education. There may be several reasons behind but I think negligence of concerned entities in owning the sector is said to be one of the most significant factors which can be called a major stumbling block in uplifting the appalling standard of education in Pakistan.

Sindh province suffered a lot in the field of education during the last five democratic years of the government as compared to the other provinces of the country. Even after having plenty of educational institutions, competent educationists as well as a good number of knowledge seekers, no one knows that why Sindh still fails to achieve the desired outcomes?

In Sindh, almost every sector which is been managed by the government has become politicised so is education. The interference of politicians has made it difficult to get it align as per standards of the world.

As one would go along the coastal belt districts of Sindh, he/she would observe how offhandedly the education sector is been run by the authorities there. Almost, every government school building looks like a ruin owing to having poor infrastructure of school building, unavailability of safe drinking water, lack of electricity and without having boundary walls.

Badin district with the population of 1.805 million lies in the east of Karachi. NA-230 is the national constituency of Badin which possesses total 1872 schools in which 1598 schools belongs to boys whereas 274 are of girls. Among total number of schools present in constituency NA 230, 1772 school are primary, 42 middle, 17 elementary, 31 secondary and 04 higher secondary level schools.

The total numbers of students enrolled in 1872 schools are 112,358 among which 71,320 are boys while 41,036 are girls. For the purpose to meet the academic needs of the students, government has positioned 4,018 teacher in all of these schools.

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Strangely, the schools have students and teachers then why still the status of education has not been upgraded? The reason may the unavailability of required facilities in the schools and most importantly the unproductive monitoring mechanism to assess the quality of education being provided by the teachers.

Where higher authorities don’t feel themselves responsible for this dismal state of education how a teacher can solely be considered the culprit behind this situation?

In this constituency, there are total 1245 schools in which drinking water facility is not available. 885 Schools don’t have toilets for both students and teachers. 1409 schools don’t have electricity facility available. 1027 schools don’t have boundary walls. This is really a pathetic situation of government schools in this part of the Sindh province.

From the above cited statistics one can easily assess the education standard of local students, whom poor parents send to schools with high hopes for the future but the callous attitude of the authorities are dashing their hopes.

Surely, we lag far behind in the field of science and technology and in such sort of challenging circumstances we can never expect to make our future generations compete in a fast-changing world. Provision of stuff related to the science and technology including establishment of science and computer labs in schools of this region will always remain a dream to come true.

Many governmental schools of this region have science and computer labs available but experiment related material is unavailable so it can be said that those labs are of no use.

As the General Elections 2018 are round the corner, surely we have set some goals and outlined some expectation from the politicians whom we regularly vote but they do nothing for us. We have to make sure that education should be the first priority and point to be raised in front of politicians who are about to visit our community. Believe me, this is the right time to be one voice and chant a slogan ‘Taleem Do!’ if we really want to give our children better future.


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