Govt school producing great results lacks facilities

Sobia Saleem

Government Muslim High School is situated in Unit No 8 Latifabad Hyderabad. It consists of two blocks, with 8 classrooms each. In the morning, boys are taught from class one to ten, whereas girls are taught the afternoon shift. This school’s condition is much better compared to other government schools. Teachers come regularly and take classes. Hence, the result: 99% of students from Grade 1 to 8 passed their annual examinations. This school achieved 90% success result in board exam of Class IX and X.

Approximately 800 students are enrolled here. This school has all basic necessities such as furniture, clean drinking water, and washrooms. It still needs attention from Government, as there is no assembly are or playground for students. It is sad to see the morning assembly on the road, outside the school boundary. There is no canteen inside the school. Due to unavailability of playground, students are deprived of physical education and extra-curricular activities. It also lacks laboratories. Neither does it have a computer laboratory nor chemistry, physics and biology even though the equipment is available in the school. Due to non-availability of space, students are unable to perform science experiments/practicals.

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All enrolled students of this school belong to low income families. Few of them have to do part time jobs to make ends meet. In spite of fighting against the hunger and poverty, their families haven’t gave up on educating their children. So, now it’s the State’s duty to provide them quality education. Government needs to pay heed towards such schools to improve their conditions. It is the government’s duty to provide citizen the basic right to an education. Sindh is struggling hard to make its education system better, still there is a far way to go.

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