Kohistan event draws out support for education

Alif Ailaan Report

A month ahead of the general elections, an event was organised in Kamela, Kohistan aimed at promoting the cause of education and ensuring it remains a priority for the candidates contesting in these polls.

Politicians belonging to different parties, who will be vying for the national as well as provincial seats from the area, participated in the event. Other than that, independent candidates too were in attendance and vowed to prioritise education in their agenda.

The speakers at the event promised the audience that they will try and provide all that is required to ensure quality education to their constituents and to improve the literacy rate of the Kohistan District.

Speaking at the event, a candidate from PK-25, Zar Gul Khan of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, claimed the PTI government took revolutionary steps for improving all aspects of education in the province but, unfortunately, Kohistan did not have an elected representative who voiced the constituents’ grievances in this area. He said that in case he wins the election, he will try and resolve the education crisis in Kohistan on an urgent basis.

Alif Ailaan Report
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Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam candidate for NA-11, Malik Afreen also spoke at the occasion and said that even though education is a provincial subject now, it must be raised on a national level and he will do all in his power to have a national conversation on it.

Maulana Ghaffar, a candidate for PK-26 said that it is imperative that the mindset of the people must be changed so that women could acquire an education without fear of any repercussions. He said our religion encourages women to educate themselves and expressed his resolve to provide girls a quality education as apriority should he win.

Another candidate for PK-25, Muhammad Saleem said the students in the district Kohistan lagged far behind their counterparts in other districts particularly in science subjects. To counter this, he said his priority would be to provide IT and Science labs in the schools of the area.

Muhammad Sarwar, one of the candidates for PK-25, promised that his priority would be to recruit more teachers as well as to reopen closed schools.

On the other hand, members of the audience raised their concerns and complained to the politicians about the abysmal provision of education. They demanded an urgent resolution of education-related issues of the area so that the new generation does not continue to suffer.

It must be highlighted that Kohistan is considered one of the poorest districts in Khyber Pakthunkhwa. According to the education advocacy group Alif Ailaan’s statistics, Kohistan is ranked 141 in the countrywide ranking out of 144 districts, whereas out of the 25 districts of the KP province, it holds the ignominious wooden spoon.


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