Moach Goth School revamp triggers hope

Junaid Ahmed

Moach Goth (Village) is a populated area situated by the side of Hub River Road (R.C.D Highway) not far from Northern Bypass in UC-8 Gabo Patt, Kemari Town, Karachi.

A majority of residents work on daily wages in factories, while a few are employees of various government institutions. Many problems such as a lack of education and health facilities, unemployment, water & sewerage, electricity and poverty have made their home in Moach Goth. 70% people of the area are ultra-poor.

The literacy rate is 40% including 15% female. Government schools offer poor standard of education. As children do not get the benefit of a good education, sending children to schools is considered a waste of their time. As a result, there are many instances of parents encouraging them to work and earn money instead of going to school.

Government Boys Primary School – Moach Goth was constructed by Mr Lal Baksh Bhutto, former MPA in 1996. The intention was to nurture young minds of this underprivileged area into becoming thinkers, scientists and professionals but this school is far from helping attain such goals. Dilapidated premises, non-existent basic facilities, absence and seemingly uncaring approach of the teachers, this facility is now often seen in the use of criminals and drug addicts.

Initially, children from Qasim Ali Shah Mohalla nearby enrolled in droves. It was a dream come true for them. In the beginning, the school imparted education to around 500 students.

an Alif Ailaan Contributor
Good teachers but cramped classrooms
Irshad Ahmed is a respected community head (Numberdaar) of Village 123 DRB Yazman, Bahawalpur. He looks after the Government Primary

But over the years, the school started suffering from lack interest by teachers, resulting in a steady fall in the number of students. All this happened on account of the death of Mr Khalid Baloch, school’s supervisor. Students continued to drop until there were only a handful of them left. By 2004, the school closed down.

The school remained closed for 5 years long that the drug addicts and criminals made it their den where they were rarely disturbed. Non-existence of security and boundary walls gave the addicts and criminal easy access. The school premises is located in a deserted patch of the industrial area. This is another reason why parents avoided sending their children to this school.

The school was revived when a group of volunteers of Dream Foundation Trust (DFT), a Karachi-based NGO, took up the initiative to revamp the school and make it functional again. Volunteers of this organisation approached officials and forced them to take action against teachers who were not attending to their duties.

The school was successfully reopened in 2015 and a government schoolteacher was given charge to look after the school’s day-to-day operations. In the three-day admission campaign, the School Management Committee in collaboration with DFT managed to register 214 students. Since the school already lost its attraction, so today, only 40 – 45 students show up.

Moach Goth’s child has as much right to an education as anybody else. Hope the passage of time helps build confidence in the school and the enrolment increases.

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