Punjab, Five Years of Education Reforms

Wins, losses and challenges for the future

Most analysis of education sector indicators demonstrates Punjab’s performance advantage over the other three provinces. Since 2003, the province has undertaken a variety of interventions, which have produced positive outcomes and, subsequently, introduced challenges that come along with a raised baseline. As the first province to engage in a comprehensive reform effort around human resource management, school infrastructure, and overall education sector governance, the marginal effort required now to enrol each additional out of school child in school and to improve learning outcomes of each under- performing student is both greater and of a qualitatively different nature. This sets the reform challenge in Punjab apart from those in the other provinces. To achieve more success, the quantum of effort required in the Punjab is higher. This is both an indicator of the success of the province thus far, and a prompt for the recognition of the need for renewed focus on the urgency and importance of reforms.

This report recognises the singular nature of the challenge confronting policymakers in Punjab, and attempts to take stock of both their successes and the challenges they continue to face. Both of these, in turn, help lay out a roadmap for the next ve years, with the hope that it can help meet the objective of providing quality school education to every child in the province.

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Punjab’s education reforms the most complex and ambitious amidst persisting challenges

Lahore: The Government of Punjab has invested in the most complex and ambitious set of education reforms around human resource management, school infrastructure and overall education sector gov...

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