School being used to dump garbage

Sobia Saleem


Basic education is a fundamental right of every citizen of any state, similarly governments are responsible for providing adequate infrastructure, furniture, basic necessities like water, class rooms, libraries, laboratories and washrooms. In Sindh we have lack of good education seems difficult because we have schools which are running out of staff, somewhere we are facing shortage of attendance from students and somewhere from teachers. (Recent Alif Ailaan rankings indicated that the Education score of Sindh is the lowest among all provinces (only the war-ravaged former FATA ranked lower). Despite this, we have some government schools in Sindh which are determined to educate students as best as they can, given the resources.

Government Girls High School, Latifabad Unit No 6, Hyderabad, is one such example. It is a campus school where three primary schools are also working and its total strength of students is around 10,000. It is located in residential area of Latifabad but it’s heart-wrenching to see area residents turn this school into garbage dump. People are throwing their rubbish outside the school, along an open sewer that runs just a metre from the classroom windows as the school has no boundary wall. It looks more like a garbage dump than a school. Not only area residents but cleaners who have to collect garbage from homes also empty their garbage carts outside that school.

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The management and staff of school are worried the unhygienic conditions this creates for the students in particular. To raise awareness and persuade residents not to throw garbage outside the school, teachers have gone door to door to talk to them. School functionaries have also appealed, using the public address system of the mosques. But to no avail. If you visit the place you will see piles of garbage outside the school wall. GGHS Unit 6 is not only school facing this issue. There are many schools in Hyderabad where rotting garbage outside is creating a hazard for the students and staff alike. Government Girls Primary School, Railway Colony, where around 200 students are studying, is another such institution.

Governments are often rightly blamed for failing to deliver quality education. However, here were examples of where citizens themselves have been found wanting, and in all likelihood where their own children are affected. If this reflects our collective approach to quality education, the less said about the future the better. It is a moment of despair, unless our attitudes change dramatically and soon.

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