Sindh, Five Years of Education Reforms

Wins, losses and challenges for the future

If trends from national discourse on education are indicative of the overarching narrative, the province of Sindh, despite being the second largest province of the country, lags far behind others. However, this narrative neglects the specific challenges in Sindh, and the progress achieved in the province. Part of the reason it is important to see Sindh from a lens customised specifically for it is the kinds of reforms undertaken in the province. Ones that sought to tackle structural inadequacies as opposed to instant service delivery solutions. This report attempts to engage in a treatment of Sindh given its unique context.

We identify challenges and enduring gaps whilst acknowledging meaningful progress that needs to quickly evolve and grow, in order to address the mammoth needs of the province. Providing access to high quality learning for all school age children in Sindh remains a distant dream, but without a map to get there, we will remain lost. Fortunately, the Government of Sindh has been drawing this map since 2013, and the promising results may help convert the dream, into a reality.


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Education reforms in Sindh leading to improvement, but not nearly enough

KARACHI: The Government of Sindh has invested in a substantial number of reforms that have been significant in addressing various gaps in education service delivery. But these reforms need to speed up to sustainably address the plethora of problems that ail the province’s education system. This was highlighted in “2013-2018 Five years of education reform: SINDH Wins, losses and challenges for the future 2018-2023”, a report published by education campaign Alif Ailaan – co-authored by education activist Shahzad Roy. The Sindh education sector plan highlights key strategic areas o...

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