The need for passionate teachers

An Alif Ailaan Contributor

“I think teachers are not passionate about their job,” said one of the teachers, Zainab, from Government Girls High School, Dera Nawab, Ahmedpur East.

Zainab practices new and different ways of instruction in her classroom.

“Most of the teachers hate me in the school because I use new and different techniques to teach the students, even though the students excel as their results show. Our principal asks other teachers to do like me, but they stick to the old method of lecturing. Most of the students of such teachers fear them. In my classroom the learning has been fun, students in my classroom enjoy learning, I’ve never seen any student feeling disengaged in my classroom. Even children who come from challenging circumstances, feel happy in my classroom,” says Zainab.

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“My principal assigned me grade 8th English this year. 70% of the students barely knew the alphabet and now, after a month, they are able to write sentences. One day I gave a test to my students. The following day half of the students didn’t come to school. When I asked the reason for their absence when they finally showed up, the students said they were unsure of their performance and feared I would punish them if they had not done well.  I told them the classroom is the place to make mistakes; the more mistakes you make, the more you’ll learn.”

 Zainab says she explained that the teacher was there to help them learn from their mistakes. “All the students felt happy and relaxed. Mistakes are allowed in my classroom. While taking a test nobody feels the sort of pressure they used to. Anxiety or exam fear is much less now. They are improving day by day.” She also says: “If teachers are not professionals; if they don’t know the learning behaviors and styles etc then why they should they be called teachers,” she argues.

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